Review: Avatar Bowling/Reel Cinema Kidderminster

Retrospective review... delayed due to Winter madness Anyhow... back in October we found out that Avatar Bowling was opening in Kidderminster. So at the end of October we went to see what it was like (combined with a trip to the neighbouring Reel Cinema. I should note that the two establishments are completely separate but … Continue reading Review: Avatar Bowling/Reel Cinema Kidderminster

Cogs ticking behind the scenes… still! :D

Hi guys, I am seemingly absent, but I promise I am not. Things, once again, are rather complicated here. I mean, we had our normal winter chaos and anxiety and January is supposed to be our recovery time. But it has been relentless, I am unsure of what's been disclosed previously, but fear I may … Continue reading Cogs ticking behind the scenes… still! 😀