About Us

We are an adoptive family with Mumma Ariella being the blogger, Daddy Bruce with our adoptive son Logan and daughter Caitlin.

Ariella is a music and book loving, full time mum, home educator and therapeutic carer for Logan and Caitlin.

Bruce is a game and art loving full time printer, who works very hard to keep us financed and well-travelled (we do love a good adventure).

Logan is a book loving construction mad boy, who loves nothing more than a good messy play outdoors.

Caitlin is also a book worm, who loves nothing more than bringing stories to life through dress up and role play, well… perhaps the only exception being a good old splash in the deepest, muddiest, splashiest puddle she can find.

We became a family in 2015 and have struggled our way through what is right for our children education-wise ever since. We’ve tried mainstream school and it really didn’t work for us. Without going into specifics, it caused Logan to really feel isolated, trigger a lot of emotional behaviour and really flare up the issues he has.

So we home schooled whilst we waited to get them into an alternative school with a different approach (more like the Scandinavian approach often reported in the British news) where development stages are the focus, not targets and box ticking. This was better, but still, both children have emotional issues that caused them to be isolated at times, or even disengaged from the activities their peers were involved in.

So here we are, on our home school journey, and the many adventures that go alongside it.

NB. A regular extra on our days out is Ariella’s half brother, who for the sake of this blog, will be named Peter.

*In the interests of privacy and protection… imaginary names, but real people.