Review: Lefteris Houses

We had looked into loads of different options, but realistically needed a 2-bedroom accommodation, with the facility to wash clothes. We came across Lefteris Houses, the price seemed too good to be true. It was distinctly lacking in a pool, but it had everything else, was in a quiet location and was really cheap. So I spent ages trawling the internet for “the catch”. But I couldn’t find it. Everywhere I looked. Good reviews. A trustworthy, family run business.

And honestly, I couldn’t agree more. We booked a 2-bedroom apartment, and once the flights were released, realised we would be out Wednesday to Wednesday as opposed to the Saturday to Saturday we had previously envisaged. This was no trouble, they were more than accommodating. They arranged our transfer as well, who was waiting for us at the airport with our name on paper.

Living Area


When we arrived to our accommodation, Lefteris himself was waiting to greet us. He personally helped take our bags in and gave us a tour of the apartment. He also explained that they had provided us with some food and refreshments to see us through, and check everything was to our liking. And explaining they would be around a lot, but providing us with information of how to get in contact with them and how to connect to the Wifi.



It really was. The apartment was spacious and had more than ample facilities: fully equipped kitchen, more storage than we could possibly need, washing up supplies, toiletries in the bathroom, towels, even decorative stuff like candle displays etc. But the best touch we weren’t expecting was the snacks they had provided: water in the fridge chilling, portions of butter, tea, coffee, UHT milk, cereal bars, melba toast and jam.


After refuelling on some water and a cereal bar, we sought out the nearest mini market (literally 2 minutes away) and stocked up on some basics and stuff for our breakfast.

It really was located in a convenient place. Karterados is a quiet village only 10 minutes south of Fira, so most of the buses to the centre/south of the island run through the village to the bus stop only a 3-minute walk away. Within 5-minutes of walking radius there were several different types of eatery, shop and establishment.

As an additional bonus, the apartment was refreshed (including the linens) every day. The family would come in each day and sweep, clean and replace the linens. It may sound obvious to some that I would say that, but I would like to reiterate, we were staying in an apartment. Not a hotel. Not an aparthotel. Just a bog standard, we own this building of apartments, and we are leasing them to tourists. It was a level of hospitality I wasn’t expecting.

The family were so lovely, they really could not have done more for us. We wouldn’t hesitate to stay here again if we ended up back in Santorini at any point.

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