Review: Attenborough Nature Reserve

During our pre-holiday adventure, we decided to take a trip to Attenborough Nature Reserve. We thought, as we love nature and the paths were described as accessible that it would enable us, as a family, to do something we love; fresh air, nature and water (even in the wintery weather). Plus. We knew there’d be a cafe. Who doesn’t love to have some cake and a hot chocolate to warm up after a walk?!?! hehehe

The car park was quite easy to get to and was reasonable (around £3 for the whole day), and there were plenty of spaces available to park in. And it wasn’t your average tarmac barren land, it was track and stone and trees and shrubbery everywhere. You know you are out for good nature, when you are surrounded by vegetation in the car park. And then we were greeted by ducks and swans as we approached the cafe, which to Logan and Caitlin is the greatest excitement in the world

Being situated central to the water the cafe and nature centre are surrounded by jaw dropping beauty on all sides, including a cute little garden at the rear with various birds, plants and nooks and housing one of the bird hides available for use (again with views over the water).

After a little explore in the garden at the rear, we decided to take a walk around the reserve (and ponds). We walked the yellow route around the pond that the nature centre sits upon, and runs directly along the railway line on the way back… the kids thought it was amazing. Next to being outdoors in nature, trains and planes are the most amazing things in the world. The track was mostly accessible, some hilly bits and bumpy bits, but we got the wheelchair around the entire walk mostly trouble free. And the weather held nicely for us to enjoy the sun highlighting the natural beauty surrounding us.

We would highly recommend this Nature Reserve as a great place to go for leisure, walking, birdwatching and just admiring nature in general.

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