New laptop acquired

Ok… new laptop sourced, all setup to go. But, in the chaos of our life (and in the midst of having a broken laptop) I overlooked an assignment for my uni coursework… so that was essential – then that laptop developed a fault and had to go back, then my final assignment was due in, the same week that Caitlin revealed she was depressed (at 7 – devastating) and the boy had repeated meltdowns because he wasn’t getting enough attention.

So after coursework was handed in, I have taken a week to myself (by that I mean refusing to do any admin/paperwork etc.), and now am going to try and get back on top of things once again!

Life definitely feels like a constant game of chase right now. But I fully intend on not having to move again for a while so this chasing game will (hopefully) subside!

Hope everyone’s having a fab weekend xxx

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