The Gap: Part 3 – PANDEMIC – no one panic!

So after the burnout of the education and lack of support crisis, which lead to home education and lack respite, the fight for an appropriate school provision (which had only just been won for Caitlin, but Logan's journey was still outstanding), and a safeguarding enquiry... We roll straight into a global pandemic! Wow! What can … Continue reading The Gap: Part 3 – PANDEMIC – no one panic!

Newsletters as a “home ed project”

Finding therapeutic parenting strategies that work is so imperative to life with adopted children, not least because they need to not feel like they are "bad" or "naughty"; you'll likely find that most adopted children have at some point felt like they are inherently "bad" and that it's their fault that they can't live with … Continue reading Newsletters as a “home ed project”