The Gap: Part 4 – Summer – return to school 2020

So, the pandemic had taken the wind out of my sails in terms of education provision for Caitlin. And thrown a spanner into the works in finding appropriate provision for Logan... But I had stepped up, I was more than capable for the task just a little ragged. Just as schools were readying to reopen … Continue reading The Gap: Part 4 – Summer – return to school 2020

The Gap… Part 2: Winter ’19-Spring 20

Out hardest part of the year is always the last couple of months as birthdays (which trigger the children), Halloween (which scares Caitlin as she still has that young belief that things are real - and the props and decoration could burst into life and get her), fireworks (sensory nightmare) and Advent/Christmas (mega trauma trigger) … Continue reading The Gap… Part 2: Winter ’19-Spring 20

Newsletters as a “home ed project”

Finding therapeutic parenting strategies that work is so imperative to life with adopted children, not least because they need to not feel like they are "bad" or "naughty"; you'll likely find that most adopted children have at some point felt like they are inherently "bad" and that it's their fault that they can't live with … Continue reading Newsletters as a “home ed project”

Cogs ticking behind the scenes… still! :D

Hi guys, I am seemingly absent, but I promise I am not. Things, once again, are rather complicated here. I mean, we had our normal winter chaos and anxiety and January is supposed to be our recovery time. But it has been relentless, I am unsure of what's been disclosed previously, but fear I may … Continue reading Cogs ticking behind the scenes… still! 😀