The light at the end of the tunnel

What a week? So many things cropped up to set us back, but we’re all getting back on physical form now so actually, we could work with it. Still not there on finding our feet, but definitely made an impact. Every day, before breakfast has begun, our plan is to work on our reading; snuggles and reading with Mumma before going down for breakfast. It’s meaning we’re getting closer to our commitment of once a day – which is great, and actually the children are focused and calm this way. Also once they know they’ve done it (and more importantly can do it) it sets them up for some real positivity for the day, in respect of their self-confidence.

The week began with a “go get” attitude on my part, I really wanted us to be mostly organised and all of our overdue “things to do” out of the way. For example, we had forms (quite important ones) that should have been sent off weeks ago by my counting, but the deadline was this week – I needed to get them done. We also weren’t there on our home-schooling storage solutions, and I felt this would hinder us somewhat, so that needed doing. And, horror of horrors, I had been so disorganised we had fully run out of toner – I hadn’t bought the replacement for the spare. Fire me now.

To add to our levels of need, my bedroom had become somewhat of a dumping ground – I can’t sleep in mess, it makes it impossible for my brain to shut down. I have always been an insomniac of sorts; I used to dress my brother up in dresses and put make up on him during the night when I was approx. 4, so it’s been as long as I can remember, but I have found things that help – like a clean calm room. And our garden is still in a bit of a state and I want it done. Yes, I think you get it. I was a woman on a mission this week.

So the first half of the week, reading was the only commitment I made for formal schooling, I even was lax on screen time rules; been very lax for the last several days actually, it’s only temporary, and so I don’t mind, they have such a healthy, outdoors-y, techo-free lifestyle so much of the time that for me, it is not an issue that we have periods of time where it isn’t. The second half of the week, I decided to make up for the lost quality time whilst I was on my mission for the first half. And we haven’t laughed as much, played as much and just had fun together like it for such a long time; I think the children were beginning to think that I was just this deranged lady that transported them from A to B and cooked and cleaned, with a bit of moaning thrown into the mix.

Saturday we had quite the adventure, to a pirate birthday party. A little boy from Caitlin’s Kindergarten. It was nice to see everyone from school and to show them we aren’t hiding, and we are still going to be about. But it was also nice to see how much the children love their friends. And how much they are loved too (by friends and parents alike). Logan was in his element, considering the children are 3-4 years his junior, it kind of reiterates how early his social levels are. Consequently, how right we are to work on that first, on our terms (along with their emotional development of course).

And Sunday, of course, was Mother’s Day. We had a lovely day out at the Sculpture Trail in the Forest of Dean. It’s a fair drive from where we live, but still is worth every second. Full review will be posted shortly, but in short: Beechenhurst Lodge, toilets, nice café, big play area with massive green for picnics (picnic tables) space for gazebos and some free range fun. There’s also a climbing tower and a Go Ape Junior trail, both look good but we haven’t used either. The sun made it so lovely.

In short, our physical health is getting better, our home is becoming more organised and our mental state is becoming more and more positive. We’re slowly getting there and small bits of routine are forming. The children are calmer, we’re all getting more sleep. This was definitely the right decision, the best move we could have made. I just need to get a little more routine in, and then I can start thinking more strongly about “me time” – won’t that be a fun topic to consider?

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