A trip with a purpose

To begin this story, I really must rewind to about January/February 2016, when I took a trip up to see my friend and his then girlfriend, so we could all go to soft play together. Though they didn’t have children, my friend is Logan’s Life Mentor; this is the title we gave to 2 of our friends for each of the children, like a Godparent, but in a non-religious capacity, who the children can look to for support and advice and know they are safe to talk to. Anyhow, Logan’s male life mentor has been friends with me since, well we can’t really put a date on it… but since some point in early primary school. He’s always just “been there”.

However, during this trip he had something exciting to show me: a ring! Yes! An engagement ring. I mean, it wasn’t really a surprise, it had been on the cards a while; they had a mortgage and a dog, so this is naturally the next step. He hadn’t gotten everything in place yet, but he knew he intended to propose whilst they were on holiday – and he did… just a couple of months later. I won’t share the details as that’s their special story, but Bruce could certainly take some lessons in romance from this guy for sure!

A couple of months after they broke the news of their wedding, and dropped the bombshell on everyone that they wanted to get married in Santorini, we invited them over to have dinner and to talk about wedding plans and the accommodation we’d booked etc. They asked us to be a part of the wedding: Ariella – Best Man (yes that’s correct, not my first gig either would you believe?), Logan – Page Boy and Caitlin Flower girl… Bruce as he always likes to be, a person on the side-lines spectating, getting free food, but not having to do a lot. Hehe.

Now, fast forward to 2017 and all the way to the day before departure. We head to Heathrow and stay in the Sheraton Skyline Hotel, we got a “secret deal” on Holiday Extras to include our parking. As we were flying out of Heathrow Terminal 5 with BA.

When we got the other side, we had a shared transfer waiting for us. And this went really well. They took us to our accommodation swiftly and the owner was outside waiting to welcome us to Lefteris Houses, which was to be our home for the next week.

During our stay we tried local cuisine, took many walks around the island, hunted down Falafeland (I have a bit of a thing for falafel, no one else quite has the same level of passion as me for it but… still I had to find it – I had heard good things). And we went on a boat trip to the Palea Kameni hot spings and across to Nea Kameni to walk up the volcano. As well as booking a semi private tour (which ended up being completely private) of the island.

Then Sunday night, realising how completely exhausted we were, and that the wedding was Tuesday, we decided we needed a change of pace so booked into an All-Inclusive hotel (Makarios Beach Hotel) at the south of the island, so we could chill in a pool and not have to concern ourselves with sorting meals etc.

Up until this point it had been our family holiday and that is the way we ended that chapter of our trip. With total relaxation. We had enjoyed our holiday wholly and truly. Which was good, because literally the day before we left was having a breakdown and didn’t want to go!



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