Review: Sheraton Skyline Heathrow

We struggled to get into the car park (it’s a fast road and it was busy, and the entrance kinda sneaks up). But once we’d worked out where it was, managed to turn around and come back again it was all good. Check in was fairly easy, and comprehensive, and our room was ready and waiting.


The room was surprisingly spacious, very clean and very comfortable. And despite being in a room which was road and runway facing, we heard little to no outside noise. The bathroom was well stocked with all that we’d need, there was a mini bar which was more expensive than the actual bar itself and a reasonable amount of tea/coffee waiting for us, as well as 2 complimentary bottles of water. The room information also showed a list of available conveniences that would make the stay more comfortable, which were complimentary and request only. Things such as a toothbrush, razor or even a nappy.

Sheraton Bathroom

We had dinner in the sports bar and grill. The staff were friendly and prompt with service, well dressed and accommodating to the children. The food took long enough that you knew it’d been sat waiting for someone to order it, but without making you wonder what the hold up was. And it was worth that little wait because it really was delicious.

We then went into the Skyline bar (by the pool) where we had a night cap (and the children were treated to a mocktail each). It was a nice experience. And I could see how, staying there not as bed pre-flight, it could be an enjoyable pool to be in with the children with its nooks and crannies.

Sheraton Skyline

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