Happy Moving In Day

Last year, we started a tradition that each May we would take a holiday in Cornwall to celebrate the children moving in with us. With the holiday (actual living somewhere else for a week) symbolising the move, but also to reiterate to the children that it’s a positive thing. We have various things we do through the year to celebrate certain milestones with them, to show them their past is an open topic, not something we are ashamed of, and just ‘cause well, we like to make a fuss and celebrate. So, this is our thing to show that we acknowledge they didn’t always live with us, that although there are some sad parts, the goodbyes etc. There are many happy points like family time, adventure and so forth.

So, we looked at camping, but we were surprised to find a deal that worked out cheaper on a small holiday park, where we could stay in a house (7 of us were going, and so camping we’d need two tent pitches but we could share an 8-person house, and split the cost). As we only needed a base camp to sleep, and it was in the correct area we were looking for (Perranporth), central to the places we were hoping to visit.

Anyhow, we went away for the week. It was a great holiday. We really enjoyed ourselves. We got down there quite early, armed with a gazebo, camping chairs, picnic, camping cooker and kettle. We were ready for it. Including the rain and grey skies. We pulled up to Perranporth beach and unloaded our “mobile kitchen” and got cracking with enjoying ourselves. We weren’t even done setting up before the kids were soaked, covered in sand and giggling (fully clothed I may add).

As it was quite chilly, we called the park Perran View Holiday Park, only 10 minutes from Perranporth in the outskirts of St Agnes. It was fine for us to go, park up and sit in the warm until our accommodation was ready. They didn’t have anywhere to get meals from but there was a shop we could get snacks from and a bar/clubroom we could hang around in, and eat said snacks. So that’s what we did until check in time.

We had all these plans to visit places, but on that first night there was an important football match for Grandad’s football team, so we stuck close to the bar, to the side of the entertainment. Much to our surprise, the children got comfortable enough with the noise levels (they didn’t amp up the music to deafening volumes) and with how busy it was (as in not really very busy at all, max of 30 kids). So, they actually distanced from us and joined in with the fun and games. This was very surprising and pleasing to us all at the same time. Therefore, we re-assessed the situation, “Logan and Caitlin are actually socialising, in a situation that would normally overwhelm them. They are taking part, playing to the rules and having fun. This needs to be a high priority activity this week”. We absolutely hate those entertainment things, but… hey, if it’s working…

Consequently, we cooled down our calendar off site, and set about ensuring that we were taking part in some of the onsite activities, which included (at varying points) a fun day, some water activities and a character breakfast alongside all of the evening entertainment.

Of site, we visited St Agnes for the day. We did half of one of our Treasure Trails maps, only half as we were having a Sunday lunch at the St Agnes Hotel, and when we finished we were all feeling way too fat to walk back to the car, let alone finish the circuit – we had intended to go back and finish it but ran out of time. We also visited Land’s End and the Minnack Theatre on one of our days. And also took a walk around Newquay as well as spending a day back on Perranporth beach. With bits of lazy time in between that was plenty sufficient for us.

The children appreciated their quality time with us, Bruce and Logan shared a twin room whilst Caitlin and I shared a double – hell yes, I kept the double bed! We had meals out, we had fun. It was great fun and a welcomed tradition. And we will definitely continue on next year. And by the end of the week the children were very happy to be coming home to their familiar beds and toys and normality.

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