Getting there… again.

Hi all,

It feels like I spend my entire life at the moment feeling like I am going backwards, or clawing back some semblance of normality. Like some kind of “on top” of things, and some kind of basic routine. And some regular kind of self-care and restoration.

But here I am with a mortgage sorted, living in my own home, having handed the keys back to the rental we were in. Having sorted our paperwork, shredded things, and in the process of sorting things out we can sell, dispose of or give to charity. The garden is slowly becoming less a mess of bramble, bindweed and nettles meaning we are going to have more access to the metal, glass and scraps underneath. Every step closer we get is one step closer at a life that’s ours, that cannot be undermined, overruled or sidelined.

Closer to an organised chaos. A chaos we can both enjoy and relax in.

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