30 Days Wild – Day 4

So, today… me and the two children woke up feeling sorry for ourselves (sneezy and sluggish). So it’s been a bit of a slow starter.

But we made some effort to clean and dress… and then after lunch took a stroll into town via the ducks and geese armed with birdseed. Very proud that the children know not to take bread – but also they can get VERY embarrassing when out seeing other people use bread (thankfully not an issue today).

To illustrate, I’ll give you an example scenario – we go with seed to feed the ducks. A small child is there with bread and his mum (I assume) child says :
“mummy what are they feeding the ducks?”
“why haven’t we got seeds?”
“yeah right, I am not made of money, they’ll like the bread anyway. Bread is just as good”
Logan has heard the whole exchange pipes up “mumma, are we made of money? Cause that idiot lady over there thinks we are, and she said bread is good for ducks…” What can I say? He’s on the ball…


Anyhow, they really enjoyed feeding the ducks, and found the geese very funny – between the one running to us for food, and the two families fighting over whose food territory it was… lots of chuckles.

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