Review: Bluestone revisited Jan 18

So, this is being done retrospectively – as I have said things have been very chaotic at home, but I haven’t forgotten my promise here… so trying to go from the beginning of the year.

We, having booked for Christmas and knowing the children’s Christmas issues, booked a revisit for January. We booked a St David’s lodge, as this type of lodge has a playroom and so we thought, if all else fails… we can hide. We haven’t stayed in this type of lodge before, but I have to say we were impressed. The lodge was, of course,up to the usual standards of comfort, practicality and luxury, but even more spacious than we could have imagined. There was a disability-friendly bathroom and bedroom on the ground floor, along with the open plan living/dining/kitchen. Then the children’s playroom, which was a decent size, complete with sofa, TV & DVD player and some bits to keep them occupied (like a tent, toy kitchen and a few bits to keep them occupied).



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As it was January, there was the Enchanted Forest Winter Light walk down in the woods near the lake. The walk was fairly accessible and very fun and interactive for the children. It wasn’t very long in distance, but the length of time taken would depend on how magical your children find these things and how long they’ll immerse themselves in each setup.  For us, that means… quite a while.





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We walked around the trail after our dinner at the Oak Tree Restaurant. The waitress was quite attentive (went out of her way to ensure my dish would indeed be dairy free, and whether there would in fact be alternative options available to me – everyone was ordering pizza though, so I felt a no-cheese pizza was in order) and the food was reasonably priced and tasty.





We spent quite a bit of time in the activity centre, which we managed to arrive at early enough to take photos of without people being around the one day. We love being at the adventure centre because there’s plenty to keep the children occupied and it’s mostly free (“mostly” meaning with the exception of the arcade machines and climbing/sky trail). Logan and Caitlin really love the park area and the adventure golf. The children really love being in the Rainforest Cafe, with it’s hangouts and hideouts, and the food is reasonable and average to good.




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