Review: Adagio Aparthotel Birmingham

Again, retrospective.

Back in December, I actually had a night away from the children. A whole evening and night… It wasn’t the first time (I did 2 nights back in August staying with friends). However, it was the first time I had actually spent a decent whack of money in doing it. I was going to see a band I hadn’t seen for a long time (the last time I saw them I was a student at University, and I had caught the train to London – my student loan may have paid for my rent, but I worked my butt off to pay to see bands… constantly – massive passion for music). The band are called Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and actually they were doing an anniversary gig for the Don’t You Fake It album… the album I was most obsessed with (I literally mean obsessed… it’s not just a good album, it’s amazing). Anyhow, the review isn’t about them. Although, kind of thinking given my passion I should add a page about music to my site, but I would talk ears off!!!!

Anyhow, I figured, it’d be nice to be able to have a beer, and to not have to deal with the kids – so I booked a hotel as close to the gig as I could. One of the cheaper, but nicer options available (as in there was only something like a £30 difference between this and a hostel room in that specific location for the night) was the Adagio Aparthotel  Birmingham. So I booked it. Not only was it going to be a night away, but a night in comfort and luxury… and not in a bunk in a room with strangers and a shared bathroom, I’m over 30, hence, I am so over that life.


Anyhow, we (me and family friend) were greeted promptly and courteously on arrival, our room keys were quickly sorted and we were away. The room was clean and comfortable and provided everything we’d need (including a dishwasher). We had a view over the Bullring, which looked really pretty at night, I have to admit, I really don’t like it in the daylight… not my cup of tea. But lit up at night, I saw it in a new perspective and I liked it.

The room was only a “bed for the night”. So I didn’t really give it my usual thorough testing – got there at 6, went to gig, came home with  take away, (ample crockery in the room to plate that up comfortably), went to bed and got up and left. However I can say that room was quiet, despite its central location over a busy main road. I didn’t feel unsafe in the area at all. The car ark was just around the corner. It was very close to everything you’d need in all honesty. It was a welcome bit of self care.


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