Review: Brinton Park

On our little adventures, we have ended up at Brinton Park in Kidderminster.

It’s located just off centre in Kidderminster and as such would be walk-able (under a mile) from the train, or bus, station and is a fun place to meet friends for a picnic and walk. There’s a vast green parkland area and it also has a skate park, tennis court splash pad and play park. There are paths designated for cyclists and pedestrians separately.


The parkland was tidy, well kept and clean. And is a great area to walk in, for nature and a safe bit of freedom for the children. The play park was tidy and safe, and the splash pad surprisingly good; having been to various attempts at an outdoor water feature play area, I was impressed by the amount on offer for the children in one splash pad. The water was all shallow, but sloping to go deeper at the one end in order to get a proper “splash when exiting the slide. All in all, rated “Mumma when can we come back?” from the children so… a return is probably on the cards.


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