30 Days Wild – Day 10

I bet you can’t guess what we did today… oh yes… that’s right. Another day in the garden.

But today, patience and tolerance of being exposed to the “what’s going to be… once the work is done” was too much for the children. It was awful. I mean, with attachment issues, change is never easy, but when it’s prolonged and exposed over such a long period it’s very difficult. Both of us are working it to try and make it go fast, but today there was a lot the kids couldn’t help with, and they simply cannot do unsupervised/safe even 10 feet away from us at the moment. You have to give them full attention or be prepared for things to turn ugly… it got ugly.

However, we did encounter spiders, flies (many of the biting variety too – our legs look like we all suddenly broke out in chicken pox somewhat). And we did take a break to picnic outside Tesco, on their benches near the river, eating sandwiches from the deli fridge (they now have a vegan range which means I can finally have a sandwich and not be concerned about dairy – many cheers for that). We of course remembered to take some seed with us, to feed the geese. Caitlin was very (loudy) annoyed, once again, that there was someone feeding them bread “and not just a little bit Mumma, they are giving them the whole loaf. They need to stop!”.

I think the children will feel rewarded though ultimately. As they now have a standing playhouse, a couple of places had fresh ply so need a couple more coats of paint… and then they are in… 35026336_10155362688681246_257758901741551616_n

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