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Despite the children being a little more interested in worksheets recently, I know they learn best through what they perceive to be fun: nature walks, playing on apps (on the rare occasion they are allowed screen time), magazines, story time… and playing. So after hearing about the Spielgaben I was quite excited. Then I found out the price. At around £400 once posted, it’s not a cheap investment. So, I had to be certain I wanted it, that it’d get used. That it would help. I researched all I could about it and couldn’t find any reasons not to. So we made the purchase.

I didn’t hear anything for a few days except my initial order confirmation, but then I received shipping and tracking information and the shipment was here within 2 days after that – well the first part was, the curriculum pack. The second package was damaged by the time it reached the sorting depot. However, it arrived after a few days – the box had been repaired enough to stop further damage and this prevented damage to the actual Spielgaben itself, which arrived unscathed.

The packages contained an extensive paper curriculum (including a Kindergarten pack, play guide, inspiration pack, math guide and planar figures pack), the chest of drawers (with removable top squares board,, and a peg board that can be used both upright for pegs, and upside down for dots) and all of the bits and bobs that make up each Spielgaben set – I could list, but there are pictures above and further info on their website here.

It is surprisingly small, yet shockingly extensive and quite heavy, very well packed and nicely finished. The quality can be seen and felt. It will last for sure. The website says it is suitable for ages 3-12. There’s no question that younger children will be drawn to it “things… lots of things… yay!” But so far we have tested it on age ranges 5-10 (3 children). The 10 (almost 11) year old was the one who spent the longest with it, so actually, yes it does appeal to the 10-12 bracket too.  He sat for over an hour making picture after picture using the inspiration cards, and they weren’t all just easy for him – there were some that posed a challenge.


So far we have only used inspiration cards, being summer holidays we are not into a full standard routine it’s just too busy everywhere so things are at a much slower pace (and therefore less activities) than in term time. Plus, this humidity and heat we have been having have slowed things immeasurably. However, I have look through all of the curriculum. It is printed on quality paper or card depending on which booklet it is.

I can see that we will be able to get a lot out of this set. Especially for improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, which actually is where we have some issues developmentally. Academics will be possible too – being able to discuss the things we are creating, in terms of math or science, building stories and developing language skills. The beauty of the kit is that it will be limited only by the imagination of the user. So I have no doubt, that now that the children have begun to use it, it will get a lot of use, and that it won’t be used the same way every day. These two have quite the imagination, and it’s only likely to grow with stimulus such as this. If I knew what I know now, we would have purchased this a year ago.

I would also add, for those with siblings, we have used this kit with 3 children simultaneously – you have to think a bit about what you are going to have them doing if you are doing separate tasks, but it’s feasible. Otherwise working together “engineer (picture reader), supplier (fetching materials) and builder (performing task of actually constructing picture)” and switching helps the teamwork and communication between the children too.


NB I have not been paid for this review, this review is based on my personal experience and observations of the kit I have paid for in full.




6 thoughts on “Review: Spielgaben

  1. thanks so much for your review.

    I’ve been scouring the web for a non-sponsored impartial review for ages!
    I’m definitely going to buy one of these sets!!


  2. Wish the spielgaben company was easier to work with…I found a set for a reasonable price used with no paper materials. I thought that I could order some materials from them ($200) worth). They will not let me buy the manuals or the workbooks! I guess my review is very different of the company- you need to buy new! Frustrating for a one income special needs family.


    1. From what I understand (from what I can see on their website) all you need to do is get the original owner to transfer ownership to you. They do only allow registered owners to have the materials that’s true – I guess they have their reasons, but if you’ve bought a genuine kit second hand, there should be no issue with the previous owner dropping them an email. It does clearly show they will only sell to registered owners in their online shop as a comment made more prominent with asterisks.

      But I want you to understand something. I am approving your comment and providing a response (having investigated and found the solution for you myself) as I have an open and honest blog. I understand your frustrations but I don’t think attacking them through my blog is the place. You are taking up your comment /complaint with them through me and I don’t work for, nor am I affiliated with them. Its not my job to answer your complaint. Maybe your energy would be best used contacting the original owner for transfer of ownership. Thanks


      1. I am not attacking them as I do like their materials, I do wish they were easier to work with as their product is very nice. I think that people should be aware that they should only buy new (or at least not in a thrift store) . I do appreciate you taking the effort to look into a solution for me.


  3. This is the last comment I shall approve of yours. I’ve given you space to say your piece. But again I will say this isn’t the place. It’s not a review of the company, but specifically of the kit and whether it’s a good investment
    You have proven repeatedly that you are here to be negative and not rounded you clearly didn’t do your research about what was possible before purchase and are now retrospectively frustrated and taking to any platform you can to moan about it. Go and write your own review somewhere if you are that aggrieved. Debate it with them on their platforms not other people’s blogs that are reviewing the worth of the kit and not the customer service and helpfulness of the company (who, I repeat myself again) clearly signpost that add ons can only be purchased by registered owners.


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