Review: Babyface 4D, Bromsgrove

When I first found out I was pregnant I struggled to accept it. 10 years with no interventions. 10 years of believing it impossible. I needed to book an early reassurance scan to verify it was ok, that it really was a pregnancy and that I really wasn’t just experience side effects of my PCOS going sideways and Ovarian Cancer forming or something.

So I hunted around for private scanning clinics and stumbled across Babyface 4D, Bromsgrove. The reason I was drawn to these was that the scanning is done exclusively by Jill, someone who is trained/qualified, and has a wealth of experience in Midwifery and Obstetric ultrasound scanning.

I explained my situation and they were completely responsive and sensitive to what I had to say. And on the day were welcoming and friendly, and not taken aback at all by my disbelief that it was not actually really real.

Immediately seeing the yolk sac, the proof was there. Jill searched for baby but it was hard to find, as it was so early in the pregnancy. A trans-vaginal scan was performed, the baby located, a heartbeat seen and measurements taken to give an approximate date (which was in line with how it was dated later in the pregnancy).

Due to the high risk of miscarriage in the early days of the pregnancy, I had a few early reassurance scans to keep my mind at ease. Each one was dealt with in the same patient, welcoming and warm manner as the one previous.

Naturally, once Caitlin became obsessed with the idea that it was a girl… we knew we needed to gender scan. This one was slightly different and we got to see a sneak peak in 4D and also got to hear a heartbeat. We were allowed to bring Logan and Caitlin along, which was helpful and made them feel very much a part of everything.

We also wanted a 3rd trimester growth/development check so we paid for one with 4D included. It was thorough and the first day we attended we were unable to get a good picture as between the anterior placenta and his desire to sleep behind his hands it was tough. So they rescheduled an extra scan to see if they could get a clearer image for us. He was as awkward the next time and an additional scan was offered. But I was at the stage now where I was done and actually we liked the images we had (even if they weren’t all perfect resolution and crisp with clarity, it wasn’t for want of trying and they were happy to work with me to achieve it at no extra cost to me, Milo has a stubborn streak handed down from both sides of his genetics).

I would absolutely recommend these guys to anyone in the area who wants additional scanning during their pregnancy. It’s one thing to attend a private scanning facility, it’s another indeed to know that you are safe in the hands of someone who has the medical training, understanding and experience to interpret things thoroughly, accurately and safely.

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