Review: The Natural History Museum

Well what can I say about it – it’s a free museum jam packed full of interesting exhibitions that can be of interest of children and adults alike.

Most notable, of course, is the dinosaur area. Not least because myself and the children alike are quite dino-loving. It was particularly interesting for us though, as Caitlin is very much still at that stage of development where everything is “alive”; the mechanical T-Rex, the skeletons, everything still alive. So we had added affects walking around.


But halls are lined with masses of information, you can purchase maps and workbooks to take home – Logan and Caitlin bought 1 each and have loved them. There is everything from sealife to dinosaurs to geology (another favourite of the kids). With the rate that we, throroughly, go through all of the information, to see everything who we’d like, we’d probably need a couple of days here. We will have to go back as we only had half a day.


In terms of location, there’s direct access to a tube station via an underpass, from the lawned area by the butterfly house (which is a chargeable extra we didn’t go to) and some bus stops driectly outside. And the Meininger Hotel is on the corner opposite, we haven’t stayed at this particular one, but having stayed with the brand before I would definitely be inclined to stay here if we were doing an overnighter.


Natural History Museum

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