Review: Blue Lagoon Waterpark Wales

Being a swimming pool, I can’t really do much in the way of photography here… and being a very wet day, most photographs were akin to the featured image here, for the “outside” picture. But I can certainly let my words build the imagery, and the web page for the pool has 360 views anyhow.

The Blue Lagoon pool is actually part of the Bluestone National Park Resort Wales, and the mornings sessions are exclusively for guests of the resort. However, they do allow the public in for paid, timed sessions in the afternoon. Pre-booking online is advisable as they get busy, but also because you can save up to 15% on the entry price that way too.

To get to the pool, you have to come in through the driveway up to Bluestone, and turn off for the pool car park, which is rather large so capable of handling even busy sessions. And on arrival you have to walk over a bridge from the car park to the building, this gets the kids excited everytime, they feel like they are walking into a castle over a moat.

Once inside, entry is via a turnstyle barrier, activated by scanning the barcode on your ticket which will become active a little ahead of your time slot. There’s then a lift, or stairs, down to the changing rooms which have family, female and male changing areas, ample lockers, separate showers and toilets and a big drying machine.

Immeditely as you enter poolside you are faced with the beach pool, a large walled pool which gradually gets deeper. When you reach 1.1-1.2 metres deep, in the right hand side of the pool is an exit outside by way of a lazy river, which after flowing out to a small cove pool, meanders its way back indoors to the left of the main pool. You can exit the pool in the outdoor cove (and brave the elements) to access the outdoor jacuzzi. Inside, above the lazy river’s re-entry to the pool is a bridge over to the indoor jacuzzi. No children are allowed in these (last time I checked it was 12+ for indoor and 16+ outdoor).

Just to the left as you come in to poolside from the changing rooms is “Nippers Cove” a small fenced off area which houses a small pool about 20-40cm deep, with a bubble jet area, some interactive “squirty” type scupltures and some rock pools built into the wall that the children can explore. Just off to the right on poolside is a small pool, probably about 50-60cm deep, with lots of jets and splashy things, including a small tower that slightly older children can explore and enjoy, it’s themed to look somewhat like part of a pirate ship.

Above the pirate splash area are the steps up to the flumes. There is the wild water, which is an open flume that goes outdoors into 2 landing pools on the way down, with 2 slightly bigger, round pool areas outdoors, before coming down a short enclosed slide back into the main building. Then there’s the blue, entirely indoors flume – which is the fastest of the flumes in the Blue Lagoon, and you are required to lie on your back with your legs stretced and crossed and arms crosed across your chest. It is very fun. And quite light until the final stretch which is in darkness for a couple of seconds.

The other 2 flumes are still reasonably fast (depending on how you slide down), but for those who have issues with it, are both entirely in darkness the whole way down. We quite enjoy these as a family, because they are next to each other and so you can kind of race each other to the bottom.

There are then geysers, jets, waves etc. to be enjoyed throughout the main pool and lazy river. I have to comment on the waves too, considering they are the most powerful ones I have ever experienced. It’s amazing, waves with actual power – if you think sitting in the shallows will be the best option for a gentle experience – think again, as the waves break you will slide backwards with each wave, though great for jumping over or for family comptetions to see who can hold their ground the best.

It cost roughly £10 a ticket, but it’s not just a pool, it’s a water park so, you kind of expect to pay a premium. Normally, when we go it’s free as we are staying at Bluestone, but on this trip we were public guests, however in spite of the expense we are always happy to be there.

Blue Lagoon Wales

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