Gate crashing!

Nanna and Grandad had booked a caravan just outside of Saundersfoot, well, I say “booked a caravan” I actually mean, arranged to stay in a friend’s caravan. I will not link the place here, because frankly it was horrific; it was a wet week, but it was less damp outside of the caravan.

Anyhow, we had some nice, enjoyable family time whilst Daddy Bruce stayed at home, working – no amount of black mould and damp was going to ruin our fun. We went on adventures with Nanna, Grandad and Peter in the car, in the rain, by foot… whatever we could do.

We visited Tenby, and had a wander around the coast and town there. We went swimming at the Blue Lagoon Water Park and visited the Dinosaur Park. These visits definitely aided our ability to entertain the children whilst not being in the caravan.

It ws a fleeting visit for us, and so there’s not really much to say apart from the reviews of the 2 attractions we attended (which you can access via the links above)

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