2017: Reflections

So 2017. What have you added to our Pleasant Chaos?


Ill health
Battles – copious physcially exhausting, and mentally draining battles
Personal challenges

You brought your A game to topple us, but Life, my old chum, you should know by now that I am tough. I am fierce. I am a fighter and I am more determined and strong willed than most you will meet, so here’s what I countered you with.

Travelling – lots of new places and experiences
Family time
A new home
The choice to home educate
holistic therapies
lifestyle changes
Unburdening of commitments we didn’t NEED
Letting go of guilt
Walking away
celebration on our terms

And guess what Life? Guess what 2017? We survived you. We lived. We laughed. We had fun. We may have cried along the way. We may have gotten overwhelmed at the weight of the journeys we endured, but we ended it smiling. We ended it happier, stronger and more united as a family. We take your adveristy and your struggle and we raise you a smile and a hug.

Goodbye 2017.

Hello 2018, we welcome you with positivity and wonder. We look forward to what you can offer us, and what we can offer you.

Let’s do this.



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