[Happy] Valentine’s Day


It’s that day, the day that some dread and some really love!

In our house, it’s actually just “Wednesday”. We do not celebrate it. Not because we have issues in our relationship. Not because we are party poopers. But because, I just don’t get it… I mean, you show someone you love them by buying them flowers and/or a tacky present because EVERYONE else is?

It just seems like an empty gesture – surely a gesture of love is personal, and triggered by the inner workings of your relationship. So being triggered by a calendar on someone else’s timetable is an obligation and not a meaningful gesture of love?

I don’t know…

I may be the Valentine’s equivalent to Scrooge. I don’t have anything against anyone else who celebrates, I’d just rather not have it myself.

Either way. Happy Valentine’s to those that do.


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