Catching up…

Hi everyone,

Sorry to followers, and the people I follow. I have been absent here. Very. Very. Absent.

A lot has been happening.

I think I left you guys with the knowledge that our letting agency were being quite a pain. The Ombudsman is now involved and dealing with that. In the interim I have scraped together a deposit, located a house, made an offer (which has been accepted) and got the ball rolling.

BUT… we have had very little sleep, the emotional triggers have sent anxiety off the scale. Logan’s sleep has been close to none. We even had to leave our holiday in Bluestone early. We have had rejection levels that I have only ever heard of in relation to Oppositional Defiance Disorder.

I have had to re-evaluate how things happen, and actually I have given up on our bed time routine. Instead of creating a fight, a specific set of “calm” activities are made available each night, and he can do those until he’s decided he’s tired and wants to go to bed… or until we go to bed… AND he’s moved back into our room again! We’re still not getting sleep, and we’re still exhausted, but we’re not fighting and having control battles. And in fact during the day we get a least a bit of cooperation. In this kind of lifestyle, anyway you can conserve energy you greatfully receive.

Just to add icing to the cake. After 2 years of applying and fighting, funding for therapy has been rejected by the Adoption Support Fund. The local authority have reworked the application and resubmitted it – but seriously, how dire do things need to be in a child’s brain before someone will help? Pediatrics/CYPS won’t help cause he;s adopted, and it doesn’t fall under their funding. Local Authority won’t straight up pay, as it wasn’t in his support plan. And now Adoption Support Fund won’t help either. Though early intervention was key to ensuring that mental health wasn’t affected long term? Meh.

I’m here for him. Bruce is here for him. And the wonderful home ed community we are proud to be a part of are here for us. Let’s hope we’re all enough.

In the interim, I am scrambling to get back on top of things… again. I will get around to responding to messages, comments and catching up with my fellow bloggers as soon as I can. home

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