Happy Easter + quick message

Hi everyone,

I keep saying “I’ll be more regular…” “things are settling” etc. etc.

But the long and short of it is… since my last post I have been a woman on a mission with regards to a house purchase (and hopefully will have some news soon). And both my phone and laptop broke. AND after 2-2.5 years of fighting, shouting, begging, pleading, threatening, crying, emailing, calling etc. We not only got occupational therapy underway for Caitlin but also got funding approved for family therapy to begin. And just to add to the complications, over a year of being put on a waiting list to see a specialist, my health is now being investigated too.

It’s been a long road and a long fight, but it feels like, for the first time in a long time we are actually making serious strides forward (not just picking up the positives when they happen and making ourselves feel happy that they are happening) – actual genuine moves forward that will enable our future together as a family to be much better.

I still don’t have a fully “cooperative” laptop, but I am in a better position with technology than I have been for a little while (but obviously with trying to get a house purchase sorted, it’s not as simple as going out to get a new laptop).

Anyhow, today we have had some egg hunts, and chocolate and lots of fun and a few films… children more happy about the films than the chocolate to be honest because they get chocolate here and there. Films are irregular, and definitely not more than 1 in a day. But they are on edge lots has happened and actually, if a day (or weekend) chilling, colouring Easter pictures, watching films is what they need then so be it.

Happy Easter to one and all… I will update and follow and catch up as soon as I can x

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