A quick update Jan 18

NB. This one was written but seemingly never posted…

It’s been a little while since I posted – major reasons for that:

  • Agency causing friction between us and the landlord, landlord turns up confrontational, tell children to go upstairs (to the safe comfort of their rooms) – too late, damage done, complete and outright refusal… and as such a consequential period of heightened anxiety – 1 child not sleeping, 1 child back on self harm watch.
  • Said agency causing more grief by sending gult trip ridden emails to try and prevent us going to the Property Ombudsman. Having to deal with/respond to that
  • Festivities added to child anxiety putting me behind on my degree – yes, that’s right… I am trying to do a languages degree, part time, whilst living as a full time carer-home educator-therapist-therapeutic parent person thingy majig. Why? Cause I thrive with pressure clearly… LOL
  • Appointments: Occupational Therapy, Physio, General Surgery, SEN team… it’s been rather complicated
  • House viewings, mortgage appointments, arranging to sell stuff… when I said I am determined to get out of the rental market I wasn’t kidding.
  • Home education… and all the challenges that presents
  • Family events – birthdays and even a Christening in the mix
  • A complete failure of a holiday (gave up and came home early)

Add to that getting the house back in order, getting over colds, actually working hard to eat properly (and waste less) and some kind of self care and you could potentially see I don’t have much time for sleep let alone much else right now.

But we have had some wonderful achievments in the last couple of weeks. Not least being a clear push forward on the academic front. Both children have seemingly, though anxious in other ways, they have started to understand that learning isn’t necessarily something to be feared, that it can actually aid in them answering their curiosity. And I signed them up for a curriculum website, where they get virtual prizes and printable certificates as they go along. They can use it on their Kindle Fire’s and so for them it’s like “yay we get time on our tablets” and for me it’s like “yay, they are actually engaging with stuff independently… mostly).



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