So, the day started with the best intentions of actually chilling. We are only a short few weeks into having purchased our new house and it’s been a bit of a mission. Aside from the general moving into a house-ness, the children being challenging etc. The garden is a mess. Brambles, bindweed, broken concrete path. I have really pushed to try and make things get done as quickly as possible, but it hasn’t been much fun for the children; though they have enjoyed helping their normal routine, toys etc. not really available.

So after taking a quick trip to the recycle centre (to get rid of some of the concrete path and some brambles) we sat down to a treat from the bakery and prepared to chill. I opened up my laptop and it pinged immediately.

The therapist, who I was about to email with our updated address… was at our old house for our pre-agreed therapy session… 30 minutes drive away!


So I raced there.

Started an hour late, so instead of having Logan’s session, Caitlin’s session and then an adult session. We scrapped the adult session. Just as the therapists were about to leave, Logan ran, quite literally, into the corner of the playhouse. Gashed his cheek and eye. 2 hour wait in a Minor Injuries Unit and he may have concussion. So low physical and mental activity and keep an eye on him for 48 hours.

Then I went back to the old house to mow the rather large lawn… and I am finally home, at the new house, with my bottom firmly parked wondering what on earth has just happened. But then. This is just a normal day in our household. Things are this intense daily.

And so I look at what has been achieved today. Rubble and garden waste removal started, therapy done, proved that I will be there when he’s hurt/needs me, put everything to one side to make sure he feels like he’s been safely cared for, mowed a lawn, picked up loads more from the old house. And all safely in our new house to end another day together.

Even though the day seemed set against it, we’ve survived and achieved as a family.

Our pleasant chaos.

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