Just updating…

So, another busy week in the Chaos household.

Still getting sorted from the house purchase, been cleaning the old house and getting that emptied. And somehow trying to keep the children occupied, and mostly succeeding.

Next week, if all goes to plan, we will be giving the keys to our old house back and saying “goodbye” to having to communicate to the complete waste of space agency. HOORAY!!! Then life can really begin to pick up, there’ll be nothing anchoring me down any longer (well, financials always play some kind of part in anchoring, but meh, there are ways and means…).

We successfully managed a late night family party too. I cheated, I let them take their Kindle Fire, they don’t get much screen time, so when they do get it, it is amazing, and they don’t waste it – they are wholly consumed. Around 10 they started to get restless, and grumpy (they are normally in bed at 7) so we started to get ready to leave, but then nanny gave them a helium balloon each to take home… so naturally, we stayed for another hour as they ran around the room being complete loons.

Just to add to the madness though, I decided it would be fun to sprain my ankle and create some kind of knee impact injury, you know, just because why the hell not? I like a challenge.

Anyhow, old house almost handed back, Uni work almost complete for the academic year (final assignments over the next 2 weeks), new house almost in order inside (don’t even talk to me about the garden – 2 words “bindweed” and “brambles”), some semblance of normal chaos should resume shortly! WOOOOOOO

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