Review: Queenswood Country Park and Arboretum

Queenswood is located just off the A49 at Hope under Dinmore, between Hereford and Leominster. There’s a paid car park (around £3 I believe) and a building with a small gift shop, cafe (was cash only, but in the process of being able to accept card payment) and toilet area.

Just to the side of the gift shop is a well equipped play area with a challenge trail and surrounded by picnic tables. The children would literally spend hours here if I left them to it. It is one of the best play parks we have been to (I admit to being a little jealous as they play! hehe).

Queenswood (7)
Queenswood play area

There are then a few circular walks around the woodland, including a Gruffalo trail, complete with the best known and loved characters. And the walks have various information boards about the wildlife, trees and area, as well as other random additions to the woodland trails such as a wooden xylophone. There’s also a view point with stunning views across the surrounding area (though unfortunately, I get so wrapped up in the beauty each time I forget to take photos).

Queenswood (9)
Wooden Xylophone

All of the paths I have been on have been wheelchair/pram friendly, and the walks are short and easy enough that even those with low mobility may be able to enjoy at least part of the walks.


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