Review: Worcester Woods Country Park

One Autumnal morning we found ourselves in Worcester, in need of breakfast with a strong desire for nature… so, we ended up at Worcester Woods Country Park.

We went into the cafe (The Orcahrd Cafe) where we ordered toast and jam and, of course, some hot chocolate. The kids were super excited to make a riot of a mess by spreading their own butter and jam; both have some motor skills problems, so we really did get some looks.(I should clarify the mess was riotous, not the children). But the staff were friendly and polite regardless. The cafe was clean, the food was served promptly and was as ordered.

After we had our fill of food, and the obligatory toilet break, we headed out to the trail. Caitlin has what we call “poorly legs” (that will be covered in a later post once we have more understanding of definites). So we have a game, or a dance, we do on walks where she walks and then she gets up in our toddler carrier (yes, I quite literally mean a sling-babywear type thing – it’s the Beco toddler version so will take up to 27kg). So, we started with her up until we could make sense of the terrain and how it would be for legs.

Worcester_woods (4)
Fox print
Worcester_woods (5)
A little owl

Much of the trail was accessible and potentially even pram/wheelchair friendly, and there were plenty of things for the children to stop and marvel at, little sculptures and information signs etc., we even found a painted rock (and rehid) on the way around. The children really had fun.

Worcester_woods (7)
Leaf identification
Worcester_woods (6)
Rock finding

We eventually ended up back in the field near the cafe, where the children were able to play in the park for a while. Well, it’s actually 2 parks one open, and one fenced in. With a mixture of slides, swings and climbing makng use of park equipment whilst trying to incorporate natural play area pieces in too (log stepping stones etc.).

Worcester_woods (2)
Open park area
Worcester_woods (3)
Enclosed park area

The Country Park is only a few minutes from both junction 6 and 7 of the M5, and has a free car park available on site. Details of location, and a guide, and details for the Orchard Cafe can be found in the links at the bottom.

The Orchard Cafe

Worcester Woods Country Park

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